Bask in a Higher Love

Live a life devoted to the well-being of all.

Find what ‘Higher love’ means to you.
“Sit” daily and bask in ‘Higher Love’,
live it and apply it to all you encounter.

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“There must be a higher love.
Without it life is wasted time.
Think about it, there must be higher love
Down in the heart or
hidden in the stars above
Without it, life is a wasted time
Look inside your heart,
I'll look inside mine”
 ~ Steve Winwood.

A “Higher Love” is a love that truly transcends time: a love that expands into a higher dimension. Do you know how you feel when you fall in love? When we talk about higher love, we take that feeling just one step further: it is the falling into a state of expanded awareness. In other words: a ‘falling in love’ with the Divine. This is a very important phase of BE-ing as it is there where the pure healing and the balance of a person resides.

The higher love is really the Self – the golden nugget of energy that exists in the center of all of us. In other words: the true essence of our existence. When you open up for love all the way, you actually become what is around you as your love expands to all that is. By doing so, it feels as if you become part of everything. This is the winning road to well-being.

That’s also where we find personal value and meaning of our life. This happens when the heart and mind combine; when we process our personal experiences and sensations through all of our emotional, mental and physical body. And it is love who serves as the bridge transforming the ordinary ‘human’ love into the spiritual ‘Higher Love’. We could say that Higher love is the crescendo of compassion; entailing a heart connection to all what is around us.
Although compassion has become a household word, few of us truly grasp its meaning. Compassion resembles the uncomplicated love that we naturally feel toward children and pets. It is more than a concept or an intensity of the heart. Through compassionate acts, we find our way to the Divine. As love is all about growing and learning with the heart; compassion trumps that love.
I like to throw in the love for ourselves in the definition of compassion. No sense being good to others if we leave ourself out of the equation. So compassion looks like this: “attaining a balance between loving yourselfwhile being inclusive of others and your environment; even in the presence of adversity, and it also entails actions of kindness.

“The simplest acts of kindness,” said Mahatma Gandhi, “are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”
~ Martine 2019 

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