"True healing happens when your heart and body are at ease: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.”

MartineB  |  Medical Intuitive


Martine Bloquiaux [Blo-Ki-O] is a Medical Intuitive, Healer and Author practicing globally for over 25 years. She collaborates frequently with medical professionals to design detailed programs establishing fast solutions to ailments with the least intrusion possible. She fully believes in the immense healing power of the body and finds clients unique way back to health and well-being, living and breathing the full extend of "the Zipper Effect". A term she coined implying the seamless and effective interlacing (or zipping) of allopathic and alternative medicine. Read more…


Create your ideal template of healing by tapping fully into your own true power when your body, mind and spirit are in balance. Find your life’s unique direction and purpose. Experience rejuvenation and true health.


Martine, Medical Intuitive, can help you:

  1. Scan your life and body so you can improve your health and life.

  2. Find the root cause of your dis-ease(s) and learn what to do about them, now.

  3. Experience true health and rejuvenation

"When I went to Martine, it was like a miracle

because she knew right away what was going on with me,

what I needed to do.

She gave me practical suggestions to follow.

I became almost immediately better."

 - Jerry A., Havertown, PA


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