Martine’s client’s list is vast and includes many of the ‘Who Is Who’ list. She has consulted with clients in/from over 45 countries.

However, she honors the privacy of her professional relationships. Below you will actually find a selected few US clients who spoke up.

what people say about Martine…

"I was suffering from several serious auto-immune issues and didn’t know what to do. I was getting conflicting advice [from my doctors]. Then I was referred to Martine, and she helped me sort out exactly what would work for me, and I’ve since regained my health and energy. Working with Martine is the best decision you’ll ever make for your health and well-being."

 -- Alisa - Washington, DC

"I’ve been receiving healings from Martine for years, and I have had very successful results from the start. Throughout the process, Martine has been extremely caring and understanding. I’m happy to report that I am the healthiest I’ve been in years—and I have her to thank!"

 -- Denise, Wilmington, DE

"Even if you’re seeing a doctor, you’re not going to get a detailed diagnosis of what is wrong with you at the very basic cellular and yet overall level.  Somehow Martine can do that and she can also give you critical insights on your medications and supplements.  No doctor will ever be able to do that."

 -- Barbara P., Seal Beach, CA

" Martine is such a gifted healer and medical intuitive. I was skeptical when I first went to her,… and left amazed! While she was working on me, I started coughing uncontrollably— this was linked to lung issues I’d had years prior. At times, I felt an electric energy pulsing through parts of my body, and afterwards I was tired. I have been going intermittently to Martine on and off for 5 years now and have sent family and friends to her. There are some incredible stories but one of the most personal to me was the healing she performed on my mother. Martine identified a lump on my Mom’s breast. My mother, who had never been to a healer before and was also a skeptic, said that when Martine was working on her, it felt like 2 marbles rubbing against each other in the area of her breast Martine had pointed out. (Martine heals through the transfer of energy and does not have physical contact with you). Mom went to the hospital and sure enough a mammogram revealed the lump which ended up being benign: Mom and I feel that Martine healed it. If you are a skeptic, as my Mom and I were, I recommend trying it once and seeing what happens. Martine’s abilities have to be experienced to be believed!"

 -- Vanessa, Charleston, SC

"Every time I refer someone to Martine, I am overjoyed because I know I am giving them a winning lottery ticket to holistic well-being – which in my book is even better than a million dollars!   Seeing Martine is like winning the well-being lottery.  Finally, I found someone who can tell me specifically what is in need of healing and how to heal it! I am in a field of global transformation with oodles of amazing resources at my fingertips, and the resource I recommend first and foremost is always Martine –because global healing starts within!"

 -- Marilyn, Austin, Texas

"My sessions with Martine are exceptional! Her gentle, positive healing abilities and medical intuition are always spot-on and honest. Arriving anxious, I leave feeling re-balanced, focused, peaceful, full of life and floating on air. Martine is certainly gifted, and I would recommend her to anyone!"

 -- Audrey - Philadelphia, PA

"I have been a client of Martine for several years now. She’s helped me through illnesses, as well as what I like to call “tune ups”. Her work has allowed me to feel my best: helping my body return to balance and heal itself from within."

-- Russell - Chicago, IL

"When I went to Martine it was like a miracle because she knew right away what was going on with me, what I needed to do, and gave me practical suggestions that I followed and became almost immediately better."

 -- Jerry, Havertown, PA

"Never give up, even if your medical doctors are stumped! Martine’s unique gift allows her pick up on the health problems and imbalances in her clients, and she has the proven ability to positively affect health and overall wellness. What she does is truly remarkable."

 -- Joseph - Hong Kong, China

"I am so grateful to feel energised, alive and full of possibilities. I was so unhealthy  a year ago. I had no energy, was dizzy and had daily chronic hives all over.  I found myself sleeping 12-18 hours a day.  I was seeing a lot of doctors and had test after test. They wanted me on a protocol of  lots of medication and their outlook was very bleak future.  Skeptical of such a thing as Medical Intuition, I made an appointment with Martine anyhow. And it completely changed my life in just one hour!!!  "There is no major reason for you to be this sick. Your body is sending you "messages". It will tell you the same thing again and again so you would pay attention. If you don't, it will take something away until you change something in your overall behaviour.” Martine's  statement was the game changer for me. And it turned out to be simple. I cried and felt hopeful again.

The energy I received during the appointment and after, I do not how it works, or that even my cognitive thoughts can capture the process, but I feel it and want to share this secret with my friends. Although I had an in-person session with Martine, I have now friends who are seeing similar changes when Skyping with Martine.

I’m feeling healthier and more alive than ever. If weight loss is the measure of success, the total so far  (after about 3 months) is 35 pounds. But the truly amazing thing is that my thinking is sharper, my body feels great and is having more fun, my hives are gone. Friends notice my health,  happiness and energy. I am so grateful for having Martine in my life."

 -- Lynn, Doylestown, PA

"Since starting the health plan you advised, we have seen that my liver, digestive system and bladder are much improved and my feet are no longer discoloured, tender and full of fluid. So the changes to my diet and lifestyle have already started to take a positive effect in a short space of time. I feel much better also which is great! "

        --  B. N. S.

"My brain is finally working again after your healing and suggestions. I had not been able to use the computer for weeks because it seemed too daunting to do this!  You are such a gift to me at a critical time in my life. It was the perfect moment to meet you. Thank you greatly for your healing, wisdom and advise."

 -- Marion, San Francisco, CA

"Martine has played a huge part in helping me get my life back. I had multiple issues and she worked through each and every one of them. Martine was able to provide a natural alternative to medication, and, under medical supervision, it allowed me to taper off all of my medications. I haven’t felt this good since I was a kid, and it was only possible with the help of Martine!"

 -- Justin - Washington, DC

Over the years we received hundreds of testimonials and gratitude from over 45 countries.  Our sincere thanks for the continued trust and patronage.