Connect to Self love

- Make your heart sing -

Love who you are, connect to that inner place where happiness resides deep inside. 


Once we let our mind and the compilation of other people’s thoughts and wishes take over, we tend to lose contact with our true self. Although our mind helps us in processing sensations and observations. It is the heart, and the heart only, that knows what makes us tick. 

Humans are ‘heart’ beings, not mechanical structures or robots. The first requirement of life is the love for ourself. We are first, and foremost, run by our heart. Without our heart, the mechanism of the body stops functioning. Self Love is actually the beginning (and the end) of both health and happiness. 

This is usually where the shoe pinches: we lose the connection with the power and beauty of ourself. However, we need to live for things that make our heart beat. It is the heart that runs our mind. It is the workings of our heart that emit this special kind of love, this self-love. It exists in the center of all of us. It is this self that is the purity and the uniqueness of our Being.


Unfortunately, we are in the midst of an epidemic low self-love. This makes us more eager to chase the carrot presented at work: you are loved when you make a certain amount of money or when you have a corner office. At home, a beautiful house, partner and 2.3 children have become the measure of a perfect life. And so the story never ends, as we are hooked on the wrong definition of love.

People are so much more than a corner office or a beautiful home. The focus on  “who is better”, “who is prettier or skinnier” or “who is richer” should not be part of our daily worries. Neither should flashy stars and singers be idealized, irrelevant of the true character of their person. More and more we become unhappy and unhealthy as we fail to bond with that who we really are.

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Loving oneself is notabout having a specific spouse, baby, house or health. It is all about what you are here for and where your inner place of happiness resides. The spouse, baby, house or health are the side effect of being in your happy place. All of that will automatically happen so no‘and, if or but’ and ‘noforcing or pushing through’ is needed. The goal is you and the love for yourself only. And that is found inside of you, not outside of you.

So take your time and be scrupulously looking inward;

Who are you truly?

How do you respect yourself daily?

What you are you working on from a ‘love for the inner you’ perspective?

Once you see more clearly, you can start realizing things! It will be automatic as you attract what you ARE. Not what you want, as so often wrongly promoted!

If you can dream it or see it as you are already there :) But you have to go the extra length, as you can’t rebuild something starting from the same premises. That would only perpetuate the same outcome. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein


The heart

shows us who we truly are, and by following its beat, we stay happy and healthy.

Connect to the love for yourself and let it blossom.

Martine, June 2019,