Love with Reckless Abandon

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Chop Wood, Carry Water Teaching 2

How can you indulge in reckless behavior by opening your heart fully and daring to taste the incredible abundance life gives you? Write down where and when that abundance is available and how you will consciously include it in your daily life.

The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. It results from the profound interdependence we all share with one another. However capable and skillfulan individual may be, left alone, he or she will not survive.” Dalai Lama

It is sad to see that we are drifting further and further away from living from the heart. We are living in a homogenous working environment, all based on ‘doing’ and less around ‘being’. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to suspend time and be in that reckless heart moment. The Kabbalah talks about the ‘doing’ energy, initially needed for survival. However as we evolve our ‘Being’ energy, our feminine is coming more into the light, anchoring us on our path of enlightenment.

You cannot experience something outside of you. It is only inside that things are experienced. That’s where the euphoria but also the hurt reside. Two sides of the same coin: both defining each other. We have to be willing to let go. Even the most magnificent cherry blossom tree will not last. Unfortunately this is where we as humans get stuck: we want to keep what we have. However, everything is not just an exchange, it is a temporary exchange… ‘I love you tree’ in exchange for ‘I give you the beauty of my smell, color and shape’.

We can only receive by being open to the transaction at hand. When you love that cherry blossom tree, you can absorb the beauty from its blossoms. Energy is not stagnant; it is always a movement and therefor an exchange.

So if you are not there, elsewhere in heart and mind, there cannot be an exchange. In other words: we don’t really ‘experience’ the tree when making phone calls although we are sitting under the tree’s canopy. We have to be fully present to let the moment in. A precious moment only to be captured in that time and space.

The smell, the color, the shape of the cherry blossom tree stays in our memory banks and can get recalled whenever needed: an instant recall. Much in the same way that we retrieve a document on our computer, although it might have been created years ago. So the feeling or the exchange is stored inside of us, and in a much stronger and personal way than a selfie ever could. Nothing is ever lost.

We are so eager to limit ourself to only a speck of what is possible, without noticing the infinite abundance available to us time and again. We can perhaps compare this not just experiencing one blossom on the tree, but allowing ourself to take in the beauty of the thousands available to us, simultaneously. This type of recklessness only sets in when we open our heart fully and dare to accept and taste that pure abundance. This is to love with reckless abandon.