Are you energetically ‘off’?

Excerpt from "The Energy of a Healthy Body", 2014 by Martine Bloquiaux.

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Way before any doctor, microscope, or scan can determine that something is wrong, and before disease sets in physically, the body starts behaving differently.

When you twist your leg awkwardly, it hurts. Sometimes you can just shake it off, or endure discomfort for a day or two. You automatically adjust the weight on the leg by walking or exercising less—in other words, you take it easy until the leg heals itself.
The organs and systems behave similarly. When something happens—or keeps happening—they start aching. This is a message, telling you to take the time to look at your daily routine and see what is going on. Let’s take the headache example again: if work is giving you a headache, all the medication in the world is not going to make that headache go away for good. You will need to address what it is that is causing the pain in the first place.
You might also find natural ways of coping or minimizing the pain. When you are on a seesaw with a person heavier than you, you do not add more weight to your side; instead you adjust your position. If you don’t, the inequality will send you flying off balance. When you take medication to remedy pain, it is like adding more weight to the seesaw instead of simply adjusting your position. You are now dependent upon that weight to keep you in check. But when you use natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals, the body returns much more quickly to its original state of balance.
Sometimes, no matter how much you adjust your position, you still need to “add weight to your seesaw” by taking medication. When this happens, the goal is to make sure your body can still maneuver and heal itself. For example, you can take blood pressure medication but still use natural supplements, eat right, and exercise regularly. The answer is never as simple as just taking medication. It is always “and, and, and.”
Unfortunately, in this world of stress, where time is at a premium, big pharma is happily welcomed in most households. Americans spend more than $325 billion on prescription medicines a year[1]. If you are in so much pain that you can’t move or adjust your position, it is necessary for your body to let medication take over, even just on a temporary basis. The only problem is that, when this happens, the body ultimately gives up trying to find a way out instead of finding a way to heal itself. Although it is possible to wean off most medications, it is not always a fast and easy road.
To be physically healthy, we must also be emotionally and spiritually healthy. We don’t necessarily need to exhibit the calmness of a lake. We simply need to be flexible enough to bounce back from what is presented to us in life and learn from it. When we do, it defines who we are. We grow with the experience and learn to love life, and ourselves, in the process.
From The Energy of a Healthy Body, published in 2004 by Martine Bloquiaux, Copyright