Live Your True Colors

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Chop Wood, Carry Water Teaching 1:

What really are your True Colors? Write them down and refine them over the next weeks. Live by them on a daily basis and allow yourself to become more of who you really are.

Love is purely an intuitive moment, often described as a ‘gut reaction’ where the brain is not in control, but the heart is, where planning or deliberating cease and the mind and body are one. This is defined as a moment of pure ‘feeling’.  Liken it to standing under a Cherry Blossom tree, totally engulfed with pink. You feel the pink in a way as if you could drink it, breathe it, BE it. Children have this ability with such freedom and can teach adults to remember how to see a rainbow for the first time. It’s so magical and consuming to them and comes without any obligation of ‘should’ or ‘gratitude’. Just love, the love for it being there, and us being part of that moment. 

What’s love got to do, got to do with it?“What’s love but a second hand emotion”
— Tina Turner

These days, as the brain is honored more and more, the heart has evolved into a secondary layer of thinking.  The brain seemingly protects us from the rather erratic and hurtful tribulations our heart can cause, thus we find it much safer and easier to go for the ‘logical’ mind solutions where 1+1=2. This causes same predicable answer which is very much a contradiction to the erratic nature of love. 

“I see your true colorsShining throughI see your true colorsAnd that’s why I love youSo don’t be afraid to let them showYour true colorsTrue colors are beautiful,Like a rainbow.”
— Phil Collins

An experience of Love is often indefinable and beyond words, showing our uniqueness as a hu(e)-man, or man of rays and color. Think about a moment when you are just utterly ‘in Love’?  It’s erratic and unsustainable, it’s dynamic and flows like water, life force and is a reflection of our true self.  This is ‘living in the heart’. The quest to define this momentary ambiguous feeling has infinite descriptions; a millennia of words, poetry, art, music and prose to attempt such a feat.   Ancient India has at least 5 words for LoveGreek has 6 and there are apparently 6 expressions of love & 7 types of love just to touch on the tip of this seemingly reckless concept.    

We are all human beings and so often we are trapped in the mind. We seem to have forgotten that love is something felt with the heart as we continue to be bombarded with images, consumerism and continuous dopamine hits from screens. Increasingly believing that ‘Love’ is something in the mind, an emotion internalized, a feeling you get as a ‘moment in time’ like when you buy something nice or go somewhere cool. However, it is very much the heart and not the mind that propels us forward. Our True Colors are found when we live in the heart, in that 'love' moment for ourself. It isn't a mind game. Our colors are what define our core and uniqueness as a hu(e)-man

Love thyself and live according to your True Colors!  
— Martine, February 2019