Hello Again!

Life is Such A Journey! 


As the end of the year approaches, I am grateful to you, for your patience and understanding whilst I took a sabbatical for restoration of my personal wellbeing. During my furlough, I discovered, on yet a deeper level, that extensive emotional, energetic and physical stress submitted on my body created a possibility for a more profound acceptance of this human life. 

With less focus on “powering through” I have cultivated humility of how to work with my life and body as opposed to trying to control it in a way I deemed fit. Now strong, healthy and joyful in my returning to work, I am spending time with my clients harvesting on the ‘still point’ of life where dis-ease is revealed a small element and more energy is placed towards rejuvenation, wellbeing and happiness!

You can find my new offerings and services on www.MartineB.com.

Join us for the new and powerful monthly Meditation and Healing Circle. Study the intricacies of healing and energy in the “ABC’s of Energy” and the “Energy of a Healthy Body”. Also, a limited amount of Medical Intuitive consults can still be booked privately (per email request) and priority will be given to existing clients and those signing up for a yearly healing program.

Here’s to living a healthy, happy and great life! 

With gratitude,

Martine x

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