The Power of Being in Sync

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The beauty of resonance between people

When someone yells at us, our physical body does not change but our emotional body sure does! Our thoughts and feelings continually change and adapt depending upon the vibrations they come into contact with. We pick up whether we are in a happy place or not; when we deal with sadness originating from a person or a painting; when someone says something but intends something different.

This phenomenon has been studied in quantum mechanics under the wave principle. A wave can travel from one place to another without affecting one or more material particles. In other words, we are energetically affected by a wave although there is no change in a physical way. Very similar to a piece of wood floating on the water: the wood moves up and down when a wave comes by, but does not go anywhere and stays in the same place. Another example that comes to mind is people participating in the Mexican wave at stadiums. The wave moves around the field and through the people, but the people stay at the same place! They just go up and down when the wave passes by.

When two people emit a similar vibration, we talk about them being ‘in sync’ or resonating. The word resonance means “re-sound”, which indicates a flow of vibration between things or people. Resonance can happen when the frequency or vibration is identical, similar or compatible (such as a 2 or a 4 to 8). It is something that happens to all manifestations in this universe: someone or something initiates or amplifies a vibration, or vibrations, which then get absorbed within a receiving system.


Anything which is alive continually emits some type of frequency or vibration just by existing. ’Waves’ leaving the subject/object ‘link up’ with someone/something else as they resonate with what is out there. Noise, radio waves, cosmic vibrations, mental or just plain energetic waves are all phenomena that contain vibrations or waves. Resonance can even cause a bridge to collapse or a wine glass to break.

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Shattering Wine Glass Through Sound and Resonance


The resonance or interaction with others’ vibration is similar to the effect resonance has with an object: it can create perfect harmony as in identical tuning forks, or collapse like a bridge when the vibrations excessively amplify. Being in sync means creating a balanced resonance, with a thing or person fortifying our own strength without destroying it. As we evolve and change, our different levels of resonance adapt and change. Our interests, the people around us, our environment: all change to continually mimic our ever-changing resonance.

When we feel out of sync or do not find resonance in our lives, it is time to adapt and find things and people that do! Resonance is like a secret power and one of life’s building blocks which recharges us, rejuvenates us, excites us, and makes us LIVE. This is when health, healing and happiness, peacefully coexist. When we live in resonance, we are living our true purpose.
— Martine