The True Secret

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“What is now proved was once only imagined.” William Blake

The primary key to recovering from disease is to honor the uniqueness and totality of the body: the body combined with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual environment it lives in. They can’t be. Although it initially seems to defy logic, it is the most natural process ever and the only road to complete healing.

Unfortunately most ‘curing’ models look at the body as a test tube, analyzing or treating it in isolation. Little or no attention is given to the person with all his/her intricacies. However, the key to understanding the body and the healing process lies just there. The body reflects itsenvironment, similar to the mirror reflecting the projected image.

The body and the image are one and can’t be separated. When one changes, so does the other. When we are in a toxic environment, it changes us. When we breathe in certain chemicals, it can damage our lungs. Toxicity can also be emotional and attack us even more than breathing in polluted air. Just ask anyone who is going through a divorce how his/her body seems to stop functioning well. 

However, we seem to forget that as our uniqueness changes, so does the reflection in the mirror. We cause our environment to change. Ever noticed that when you understand or let go of things, there is a shift in your surroundings? So all of this talk about being positive and this way creating something in your environment is just that: talk.

The only way to create a different reflection in the mirror is by changing YOU. This is the way to obtaining what you want and THE True Secret.
— Martine