Travel Bookings


"Any time you can experience Martine in person, go for it! She is fun, vivacious and has such a gift. I always feel better during and after."


Upon specific requests, Martine 'sees' particular families and groups while traveling.

- please send your request to


Martine on the road 

and in person!


- Once on the road, CONSULTS are varied. Surely the Medical Intuitive Session is always at the core of any consult but there are many more ways in which Martine helps clients to find their uniqueness, balance and joy.

A stilpoint between all what is going on: A balance within the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual Self.

While Martine's travels are mainly focused on the planetary common good and work conferences, she also does in person healing and mentoring work with clients. While doing so, she works with fellow philanthropists, soul travellers and kindred spirits. 

Although most consults are via phone or Skype, Martine does meet clients in person and in a pre-arranged setting and schedule while traveling (limited to 4 days and 20 people). 

Be a catalyst for such an event and send us your request at info(at)MartineB(dot)com or hit Contact

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Are you ready yet for a wonderfully unique and healthy life?

- Host Martine to help you and your friends find the true spice of life!