Individual Consults

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"Martine helps you to feel exceedingly healthy and live life to the fullest"

-- a client quote given while Martine was in Costa Rica

Individual Consult
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Individual Consult

Individual Skype, FaceTime, Phone or WhatsApp consultations are available. Once your payment is cleared, we will contact you with scheduling options over the next days. Please check our products page for more details.

Time and time again, people feel that something may be 'off' in their bodies,  it can be months or years until an 'official' medical diagnosis is finally found.  Unfortunately and far too often, many ailments in the body are only detectable when the body is far advanced in its dis-ease state. 

  • If only we could start healing the body at this stage?

  • What if you were to be able to talk to the body in those initial stages and ask what is going on and what it would need to feel 'in balance' again?

As a medical intuitive, Martine can help you decipher the complex web we weave in our life and how our body responds in turn.

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Do you have unanswered questions or need extra insights into your body? Do you need a true personalized health protocol? Want to "see" your body and being in a different light?


In a personal Medical-Intuitive Consultation

Martine will give you a

- Comprehensive energy and body scan

- Interpret and link up any possible dis-eases of specific systems, organs and body parts

- Review possible physical, emotional and environmental imbalances and shortcomings

- Determine any possible genetic interference linked to symptoms and/or dis-eases

- Personalized health protocol with very specific do’s and don’ts (lifestyle and nutritional suggestions and new avenues, combined with specific allopathic and/or alternative medicine care solutions if needed)

Individual Annual Program
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Individual Annual Program

The yearly personal programs are now limited (reduced availability). Cost is $500 per month with a one year commitment. Participants are allowed a 1.5 hour monthly video session with Martine with email follow ups. In case certain emergencies happen, a direct line to Martine is ensured. Please check our products page for more details.

The Individual YEARLY program consists of:

1. A Monthly 1.5 hour set consult with email follow up regarding:

  • Medical Intuition

  • Healing

  • Mentoring

  • Spiritual Counseling

2. A direct line to Martine if or when emergencies/questions show up.


Are you serious about your physical, emotional and/or spiritual progress? Sign up for the YEARLY program and get a serious jumpstart with more detailed guidance and follow up