The ABC's of Energy

The ABC's of Energy


The ABCs of Energy explains in simple, easily understood ways the workings of all types of energies—from the physical and emotional all the way to the spiritual. Through the approachable narratives and insightful exercises, readers are challenged to be active participants: to get to know their own energy and the energies around, to find their true path and most of all, to experience their own happiness. Let it inspire you so you can live your life with renewed authenticity, passion, and love for all that you receive on this journey.

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From an early age, I was drawn to the works of Impressionist painters. Without realizing that I was any “different” from those around me, I experienced the world, literally, through an Impressionist lens. I saw people, objects, and nature as most would see them, but with the addition of superimposed, shiny flecks of light over the surface, similar to a forest bathed in dappled light and shadows. My senses interpreted not only the mass that would visually define a person or an object, but also the areas of these superimposed flecks of light (or the absence of it). Some people had more areas of light, some had less; there were parts of people’s bodies that I experienced as very bright and other parts that seemed dark. It was only much later in life that I learned that I had a special gift, and these shiny “flecks” were really... energy. I always thought that people saw the world as I did. How was I to know otherwise?

I had a strict Catholic and rational upbringing in Belgium in a family of five. For many years, as an international law and corporate marketing executive, I lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and the US. I got married and raised two wonderful boys. I also spent time studying, exploring, and living through life’s tribulations. I had developed senses but didn’t make much of them. Then, at the age of 40, I had a series of “other worldly” epiphanies that shook me to the core.

I had ‘dead’ kids pulling my sleeve to ask me to go and look for their Mommy; I would know someone had liver problems as it would make me sick; I had intense visits from Mother Mary, Jesus, Quan Yin and Buddha; I would see and hear angels, spirits and guides or I would wake up with a ‘dead’ man sleeping next to me. At about the same time I was ‘told’ to go to China for a month with a Master an hour after a spot became available in the group; I was able to study 3 books a week for 3 years while holding down a job and kids under the age of two would keep staring at me, inexplicably stop crying in my arms or come and crawl in my lap without being asked.

Many thought I was troubled and needed help; others started seeing the gift and coached me along. Then is when I started to be open to experience life as it really was, no longer as it should be. For the first time, I recognized that I had a unique set of gifts that I needed to develop and share with others.

I kept traveling to many different places around the world; but now I studied and worked with many gifted masters. These experiences added to my gifts as a medical intuitive and healer and I have been privileged to have been able to help thousands of clients around the world over the last decade. I have helped infants with congenital diseases, women with infertility issues, and men with prostate cancer turn their lives around. I have been a friend and spiritual coach to many. The positive changes in people’s lives never stop to amaze me. I believe in an integrative approach to healing which I talk about in the book. My father is a retired surgeon, my brother is a doctor, and one of my sisters is a pediatric nurse, and I enjoy working alongside modern medicine in the quest of healing my clients.

Not everyone sees the world through an Impressionist’s lens; however, I truly believe we all have special gifts, and all we need to do is be open and dedicated to developing them. It is hard to explain what you can feel but cannot see. In writing The ABCs of Energy, I hope to share with you exactly that. The information in this book comes from my many earthbound teachers and more than one hundred of ‘outer world’ spirits who guide me directed by my Counsel of Twelve. I wrote this book so that you, the reader, can understand the workings of all types of energies—from the physical and emotional all the way to the spiritual. Through the approachable narratives and insightful exercises, I challenge you to be an active participant: to get to know your own energy and the energies around you, to find your true path and most of all, to experience your own happiness.

All I wish for you is to live a passionate life full of purpose, love, and laughter.