Martine Bloquiaux

Medical Intuitive and Author

Martine Bloquiaux - Medical Intuitive, Author and Healer

Medical Intuitive

Do you want to tap into your personal inner resources and open up to all your senses? Are you ready for new attunements to evolve further on your spiritual path? Are you tapping fully into your intuition?

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The Energy of a Healthy Body

In the second book in her powerful trilogy on energy and healing, Medical Intuitive Martine Bloquiaux explains in easy, clear language how true healing only comes when we widen our myopic view of dis-ease and learn to bring the entire body back into balance.

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Here you may signup for the Take Flight Webinar, purchase downloadable Meditations from past webinars, as well as the book "The ABCs of Energy" in both PDF and print formats.

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What I heard in that hour made me cry and then feel hope. A picture of what was wrong and right with my health. I left with a simple plan to heal the most broken parts of my body and a feeling of hope. - Lynn, Doylestown, PA

Every time I refer someone to Martine I am overjoyed because I know I am giving them a winning lottery ticket to holistic well-being, which in my book is even better than a million dollars! - Marilyn L., Austin, Texas

I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar and feel blessed to be in the company of such talent!! - Lisa A. Dougherty

I attended workshop by Martine at the Circle Of Miracles. In front of the group she uncovered specific energy, emotional and nutritional deficiencies that I now can bring to balance. Thank you Martine! - Ruth Ann Wood

Martine has played a huge part in helping me get my life back. Martine was able to provide a natural alternative to medication, and, under medical supervision, it allowed me to taper off all of my medications. - Justin, Washington, DC

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